Aceros Arequipa of Peru asks to investigate rebar imports from Brazil and Mexico

Peruvian steelmaker Aceros Arequipa has filed a request at the country’s institute of competition defense and intellectual property (Indecopi) asking the authority to investigate imports of Brazilian and Mexican rebar, according to media reports this week. In the filing, dated June 27, Aceros Arequipa argued that imports of Brazilian and Mexican rebar have increased in Peru and now threaten the domestic industry.  Read More

Short Range Outlook : June 2017

Exporting countries under pressure amid protectionism and increased capacities in traditional import markets The supply-demand balance in the global long steel products market has been worsening over the last few weeks. Protective actions such as antidumping and countervailing duty (CVD) cases and import taxes, coupled with increasing capacities in some traditional import markets, have put export-dependent countries in a difficult situation. Protective... Read More

Short Range Outlook : February 2017

Europe, US and Asia lead the way for demand in global long steel products market Expectations for demand and order books in the supply chain of the global long steel products market made a reasonable start to business in 2017, although a sharp correction in scrap prices caused people to hesitate a bit in the EU and the US. However, market sentiment has not changed much and demand is still showing good prospects for 2017 in Europe, the US and Asia. Turkish... Read More

Chinese miners back down on AD probe against iron ore imports

The vice chairman of the Metallurgical Miners’ Association of China (MMAC) Mr Lei Pingxi has told local media that the Chinese miners has not officially requested an antidumping probe against the huge volume of low-priced iron ore imports from Brazil and Australia, but it was rather a suggestion. The vice president pointed out that this suggestion from the miners was published on the MMAC only website by mistake.  Read More

Chinese miners demand antidumping investigation over iron ore imports from Brazil and Australia

Chinese miners are demanding an antidumping investigation over the imports of iron ore from Brazil and Australia, the world’s leading suppliers for the commodity, a media report said this week. Citing a statement from the Metallurgical Miners’ Association of China, Reuters said more than 20 Chinese miners called for tougher measures for the imported commodity coming from Brazil and Australia. The association said “a huge volume” of low-priced... Read More

Brazil initiates antidumping investigation for rebar imports from Turkey

The Brazilian government has announced that it has initiated an antidumping investigation on rebar imports from Turkey. The investigation was launched upon the complaint lodged by local producers Gerdau and ArcelorMittal, which claimed that rebar imports from Turkey were dumped and have been causing material injury to the domestic industry. The investigation covers the period between July 2014 and June 2015. In their application, Gerdau and ArcelorMittal... Read More

Short Range Outlook : September 2015

Long steel demand reasonable in Europe and North America for the season Trade for long steel products has been slower due to summer breaks in the northern hemisphere, although demand in Europe and North America could be described as reasonable for the season. Oversupply remains biggest problem Some oil producer countries are showing the effects of oil price reductions in terms of lower demand and currency devaluations that restrict imports. Oversupply... Read More

Short Range Outlook : June 2014

Healthy demand but persisting concerns in global long steel products market Demand has continued to improve in the global long steel products market, especially in the Americas and the EU. The US market remains particularly healthy demandwise, though supply is still very high, leading to worries that the market may have peaked. Commercial activity is increasing in Central and South America, with the exception of Brazil where the market appears to... Read More

US ITC affirms AD orders on wire rod from six countries, revokes Ukraine’s

USITC (The US International Trade Commission) made its determinations in its five-year (sunset) reviews concerning Carbon and Certain Alloy Steel Wire Rod from Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Moldova, Trinidad and Tobago, and Ukraine. The commission made affirmative determinations with respect to the existing countervailing duty order on carbon and certain alloy steel wire rod from Brazil and the existing antidumping duty orders on this product from Brazil,... Read More

US DOC voted to keep AD & CVD orders on certain wire rod imports

The final determination of the US Department of Commerce (DOC) in the expedited sunset reviews of the antidumping orders on carbon and certain alloy wire rods from the below listed countries was made on October the 23rd, and the DOC concluded that the revocation of the orders would likely lead to the continuation of recurrence of dumping. The list of the countries subject to ad/CVD orders is as follows: Brazil Indonesia Mexico Moldova Trinidad... Read More