Our Mission

Our mission is; to develop understanding between producers, traders and consumers of long steel products around the world;

to add value to international trading activities of our members by providing an environment facilitating better relationships with the shipping and finance industries as well as inspection services;

to help our members reach useful information about the markets around the globe;

to facilitate an environment in which our members can meet new parties to create business opportunuties;

to create a better atmosphere for fair business.


Saudi Arabia ends export ban on steel products

Saudi Arabia has ended its export ban on cement and rebar since the construction industry in the country is suffering from the impact of lower oil prices, which has resulted in the government cutting back on spending on many projects, according to a report by Reuters. According to Reuters, among the conditions that firms in both [...]

Australia imposes antidumping duty on rebar imports from China

Australia’s Antidumping Commission has announced that it has decided to impose definitive antidumping duty on rebar imports from China. The commission has increased the duties from the preliminary duties which ranged between 5.8 percent and 17.8 percent. Accordingly, the antidumping duties are as follows: Shandong Shiheng Special Steel Group                                                : 15.3 percent Shandong Iron and [...]