US DOC issues preliminary antidumping review results on rebar from Turkey

The US Department of Commerce has announced the preliminary results of its administrative review of the antidumping duty order on reinforcing bar from Turkey. During the review period from July 1, 2020, to June 30, 2021, Turkish producers were found to have made sales of the subject products at less than normal value. Additionally, the US DOC preliminarily found that Habas made no shipments during the period of review, though it will not rescind the... Read More

Short Range Outlook : May 2020

Impact of Covid-19 starts to hit home across the global long steel market The supply and demand situation in the global long steel products market has deteriorated as global economies are doing much worse today thanks to protectionist measures and the Covid-19 pandemic. There is oversupply of almost everything, except those items that suddenly end up being in short supply due to impacts on the supply chain. This does not include ‘shortages’ that... Read More

IREPAS in Vienna: Global longs market focuses on challenges amid signs of stabilization

The 75th meeting of IREPAS (International Rebar Exporters and Producers Association) was held in Vienna, Austria on September 25-27, 2016. There were 94 producer representatives among the 285 registered delegates from 33 different countries. There were also 44 registrations representing 30 different raw material suppliers. On the last day of the conference, producers of long steel products and steel billets, as well as traders and raw material suppliers,... Read More

IREPAS in Lisbon: Exciting times finally here after depressing period

The 74th meeting of IREPAS (International Rebar Exporters and Producers Association) was held in Lisbon, Portugal on April 10-12, 2016. There were 70 producer representatives among the 261 registered delegates from 35 different countries. There were also 35 registrations representing 25 different raw material suppliers. At the opening of the SteelOrbis 2016 Spring Conference & 74th IREPAS Meeting held in Lisbon on April 10-12, Kim Marti, the international... Read More

IREPAS in Rome: Participants agree prices are close to the bottom

The 73rd meeting of IREPAS (International Rebar Exporters and Producers Association) was held in Rome, Italy on October 4-6, 2015. There were 84 producer representatives among the 284 registered delegates from 35 different countries. There were also 30 registrations representing 22 different raw material suppliers. IREPAS chairman Kim Marti stated during his opening address that the main challenges the long products industry is facing are overcapacity... Read More

IREPAS in Berlin: Specter of rising Chinese exports haunts the markets

The 71st meeting of IREPAS (International Rebar Exporters and Producers Association) was held in Berlin, Germany on September 28-30. There were 82 producer representatives among the 288 registered delegates from 40 different countries. There were 48 registrations representing 33 different raw material suppliers. Raw material suppliers: Increasing Chinese exports will alter market balances Ioannis Meimaroglou, chairman of the IREPAS raw material suppliers... Read More

Short Range Outlook: January 2014

Mood brightens in global long steel market despite ongoing unpredictability The global long steel products market has resumed business after the holiday period, as activity had stopped in many countries from the middle of December up to the first week of January. The mild weather conditions in the EU have permitted reasonable levels of construction activity, which have helped to sustain a certain volume of demand in the region’s long steel market.... Read More

Price volatility, overcapacity, credit restrictions and trade barriers among issues facing long steel industry, but positive signs from global economy

The 69th meeting of IREPAS (International Rebar Exporters and Producers Association) was held in Istanbul, Turkey on September 22-24, 2013. There were 120 producer representatives amongst the 407 registered delegates from 49 different countries. Kim Marti was named as Chairman of IREPAS, replacing Ugur Dalbeler. Ioannis Meimaroglu, Chairman of the Raw Materials Suppliers’ Committee, confirmed that a record high number of 42 representatives attended... Read More

Short Range Outlook: July 2013

Supply-demand imbalance still prevails in long steel market Demand in the global long steel products market in June remained unchanged as compared to May. There has been no improvement in terms of the imbalance between supply and demand in the market, despite the best efforts of mills to adapt their production to demand levels and thus avoid the creation of further supply pressure. As expected and as mentioned in our press release last month, ferrous... Read More

Short Range Outlook: June 2013

Chink of light for long steel market as raw material prices approach bottom The supply and demand imbalance in the global long steel products market has worsened lately. Although real demand is not that bad globally, the continuous decline in prices of raw materials is causing a delay in purchase decisions, resulting in a decrease in apparent demand. In some markets, especially in Europe, this is putting pressure on prices. Demand seems to have dried... Read More

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