Guillermo MacLean

Guillermo MacLean is a Canadian artist who lives and works in the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. He was born in Argentina in 1951 and studied architecture at the National University of Córdoba. He arrived to Mexico as a political refugee in 1975 and has worked there as a photo-journalist for many years. In 1978 he moved to Monterrey, Mexico as a Director of “Centro de Arte Vitro”. In 1982 he emigrated to Canada and started to work as a Senior Cultural Officer of Canada External Affairs.

MacLean returned to Mexico in 1990 and began to develop his creativity through is art in steel. He is considered one of the pioneers of the Functional Art in that country.

Grupo Villacero invited him as a Director of Fundación Villacero in 2005, a position that he held until June of 2016.

Mac Lean mainly uses steel as the material for his art, and he does not have any strict rules; there is always room for the power of expression. What is most remarkable about MacLean’s work is that it shows clearly the symbiotic relationship between art work and the artist who created it. A work is created by an artist, and the artist injects constant movements and constant projections; thus complimenting each other to achieve perfection. His works are anything but static. They have filled with movement, life, character, and wonderful collection of assault on senses. His work shouts, laughs, and snorts at the convention and traditions that has governed art. As long as MacLean’s transgression continues, we are guaranteed to have many surprises and delights.

MacLean has published two books of photography and four novels. He has exhibited his works in steel, painting and photography in more than 40 expositions around the world. Today MacLean lives and works in the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia as a Canadian citizen.


EXHIBITIONS (selection)

2016  32 LAKES CAFE Gallery, Powell River, B.C.


2016  BACK GALLERY PROJECT, Vancouver, Canada

2015  AFIRME Gallery, Mexico City

2014  SEBASTIAN Foundation, Mexico City

2013  MARCO Museum, “Balones”, Monterrey, Mexico

2011  WOLLONIE Gallery Espace, Bruxelles, Belgium

2011  METROPOLITAN Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2009  MARCO Museum,”La estrategia de la forma”, Monterrey, Mexico

2008  RAHMI M. KOÇ Museum, Istanbul,Turkey

2008  IREPAS 58h, Istanbul,Turkey

2008  IREPAS 58h, Istanbul,Turkey

2008  SAINT BAPTIST Exhibition, Hamburg, Germany

2007  MOMA Museum, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

2007  ALZATE AVENDAÑO Foundation,Bogota, Colombia

2007  ILAFA 46, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

2006  ILAFA 47, Santiago de Chile, Chile

2006  SIDOR Gallery, Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela

2005  ILAFA 46, Caracas, Venezuela

2002  NUCLEO Gallery, Ferrara, Italy

2001  DESERT Museum, Saltillo, Mexico

2000  NATIONNALE DE L´ARCHITTETURA Museum, Ferrara, Italy

1997  SOFA Chicago and SOFA Miami, U.S.A.

1996  SOFA Chicago and SOFA Miami, U.S.A.

1995  SOFA Chicago, U.S.A.

1994  ARTE ACERO Gallery, Monterrey, Mexico

1993  ARTE ACERO Gallery, Monterrey, Mexico

1992  ARTE ACERO Gallery, Monterrey, Mexico

1991  MESON DEL GALLO Gallery, Monterrey, Mexico

1991  BRYCE Gallery, Monterrey, Mexico

1990  PLACE DES ART´S, Montreal, Canada

1989  CAYC Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1988  BUCKINGHAM Gallery,London, England

1986  NOUVEAU T. D´OUTREMONT, Montreal, Canada

1983  ARTE A.C. Gallery, Monterrey, Mexico

1981  ITESM (Technological University) Monterrey, Mexico

1981  OLINKA Gallery, Monterrey, Mexico

1981  SCHOOL FOR VISUAL ARTS Gallery,Monterrey, Mexico

1982  ALFONSINA CHAPEL, Monterrey, Mexico

1982  FRENCH ALLIANCE, Monterrey, Mexico

1982  X BRNO BIENNIAL, Czechoslovakia

1982  FRENCH ALLIANCE, Saltillo, Mexico


1981  IV LAHTI BIENNIAL, Finland.

1981  MIRO Gallery, Monterrey, Mexico

1981  COLLAGE Gallery, Monterrey, Mexico

1980  REGIOMONTANA UNIVERSITY, Monterrey, Mexico

1980  SILVESTRE REVUELTAS Gallery, Monterrey, Mexico

1979  ANTIKA Gallery, Monterrey, Mexico





1986  PRIX DE MERITÈ, Montreal, Canada

1986  CREATIVITY 86, New York, U.S.A.

1985  REUSSITES DES ANNE 80, Montreal, Canada



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