Our Mission

Our mission is; to develop understanding between producers, traders and consumers of long steel products around the world;

to add value to international trading activities of our members by providing an environment facilitating better relationships with the shipping and finance industries as well as inspection services;

to help our members reach useful information about the markets around the globe;

to facilitate an environment in which our members can meet new parties to create business opportunuties;

to create a better atmosphere for fair business.


Short Range Outlook : December 2017

Demand now even better in global longs market as China continues to stay away Supply and demand in the global long steel products market are still balanced following the price increases caused by the rising cost of production amid the tight electrode supply and higher costs of other raw materials. The good news is that [...]

US DOC announced final antidumping margins on wire rod imports from Belarus, Russia, and UAE

The US Department of Commerce (US DOC) determines that imports of carbon and alloy steel wire rod from Belarus, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates are being, or are likely to be, sold in the United States at less than fair value. The final estimated weighted-average dumping margins are as follows: Belarus BSW (BMZ)                                         : [...]