US amends final AD/CVD decision on wire rod imports from Turkey, Spain

The US Department of Commerce (US DOC) has announced that, with respect to its final determinations in the antidumping duty investigations of imports of carbon and alloy steel wire rod from Italy, South Korea, Spain, Turkey and the UK and countervailing duty investigations of the same imports from Italy and Turkey, to correct ministerial errors, it has amended the final antidumping duty rates for Turkey and Spain and the countervailing duty rates for Turkey.

Accordingly, the US DOC has stated that it has amended the final antidumping determination for Turkey to reflect the correction of this ministerial error in the calculation of the final dumping margin assigned to Habas Sinai ve Tibbi Gazlar Istihsal Endustrisi A.S. (Habas), which changes from 4.74 percent to 4.93 percent.

In addition, because the “all-others” rate for Turkey is based on the margins for Habas and the other mandatory respondent, Icdas Celik Enerji Tersane ve Ulasim Sanayi A.S. (Icdas), it has revised the “all-others” rate from 6.34 percent to 6.44 percent.

With respect to the final antidumping determination for Spain, the US DOC has revised the final dumping margin of CELSA to 10.11 percent from 11.08 percent, while it has also changed the “all-others” rate for Spain from 11.08 percent to 10.11 percent.

Meanwhile, the final subsidy rate for Turkey-based Habas has been revised to 3.88 percent from 3.86 percent, while the final subsidy rate for “all-others” in Turkey has been revised from 3.84 percent to 3.85 percent.

The US DOC will also instruct the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to require cash deposits equal to the amounts of 1.05 percent, 4.15 percent and 2.59 percent for Habas, Icdas and all others in Turkey, respectively.

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