Chile sets definite antidumping duties on wire rod imports from China

The Chilean government has applied definite, ad-valorem anti-dumping duties over the imports of Chinese wire rod. The Chilean government accepted the recommendation of the country’s price distortion commission, CNDP, and has decided to apply definite duties ranging from 28.8 to 38.0 percent over the imports of Chinese origin wire rod. The duties were effective as of April 22, 2017, and will last for one year. According to the Chilean government,... Read More

Antidumping duty requested on Deacero’s rebar exports to Chile

Chile’s CAP Acero and Gerdau requested that the Chilean price distortion commission, CNDP, investigate antidumping practices over the imports of rebar from Mexican producer Deacero, according to a document filing published at the nation’s Diario Oficial, Chile’s official gazette. According to the filing, Deacero exported rebar to Chile at lower prices. CNDP used ex-works export prices from Monterrey as well as effective export prices as a base... Read More

Chilean producer applies for antidumping investigation against wire rod imports from China

According to media reports, Chilean steel producer CAP Acero has requested the nation’s price distortion commission, CNDP, to start antidumping investigations on the imports of wire rod from China. The Chilean producer reportedly blamed the Chinese imports of the product for the “damages” it has caused to the local steel industry, as wire rod imports from China have reached “significant volumes”. According to same media reports, CAP Acero... Read More