Antidumping duty requested on Deacero’s rebar exports to Chile

Chile’s CAP Acero and Gerdau requested that the Chilean price distortion commission, CNDP, investigate antidumping practices over the imports of rebar from Mexican producer Deacero, according to a document filing published at the nation’s Diario Oficial, Chile’s official gazette.

According to the filing, Deacero exported rebar to Chile at lower prices. CNDP used ex-works export prices from Monterrey as well as effective export prices as a base for comparison. Media reports this week added the two companies, CAP Acero and Gerdau, are claiming a 27.5 percent tariff over the imports of the Mexican product.

Chilean press said Turkish imports are also being sold to Chile at lower prices, but so far none of the companies have requested AD investigations over the Turkish origin steel exports to Chile.


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