Agenda and registration for the 84th IREPAS meeting

As announced before the 84th IREPAS meeting will go virtual on March 15th to ensure the health and well-being of all participants. The attendees of the virtual meeting will be able to watch the global long steel market presentation by Mr Alex Gordienko of Celsa and the panel discussion involving the chairmen of the IREPAS committees. The online event will also be an interactive experience which as always will give the attendees the opportunity to... Read More

84th IREPAS Meeting will be held virtually

The world is still struggling with the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19, and the travel restrictions and other issues continue to limit the movement of people. Under these circumstances, the IREPAS board have decided to hold the 84th IREPAS Meeting on March 15th,2021 virtually. Details will be announced soon.  Read More