US DOC revised final margins for rebar imports from Turkey

The US Department of Commerce (DOC) has announced that it has revised the final dumping and subsidy margins and cash deposit rates imposed on reinforcing bar imports from Turkey based on affirmative final determinations by the DOC and the US International Trade Administration (ITC).

The DOC stated that it is amending its affirmative final determination for Turkey to correct ministerial errors. Accordingly, the new final dumping margins range between 5.39 percent and 9.06 percent, while the new final subsidy margin stands at 15.99 percent and the cash deposit rates ranges between 5.25 percent and 8.89 percent.

Meanwhile, the DOC has decided to keep the current final dumping margins of 206.43 percent and 209.46 percent for the same imports from Japan.

Final margins for reinforcing bar imports from Turkey and Japan are as follows:

Turkish producers


  • Final Antidumping margin : 5.39%
  • Final subsidy margin : 15.99%
  • Cash deposit rate : 5.25%


  • Final Antidumping margin : 9.06%
  • Final subsidy margin : -
  • Cash deposit rate : 8.89%

All Others

  • Final Antidumping margin : 7.43%
  • Final subsidy margin : 15.99%
  • Cash deposit rate : 7.26%

Japanese producers

Jonan Steel Corporation

  • Final Antidumping margin : 209.46%

Kyoei Steel Ltd

  • Final Antidumping margin : 209.46%

All Others

  • Final Antidumping margin : 206.43%


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