Short Range Outlook : January 2017

Fears recede in global long steel market amid upbeat sentiment for 2017 There has been no significant change in the global long steel products market compared to last month in terms of supply and demand balance. Demand remains relatively weak, but we have seen better discipline on the supply side, which has had a positive impact on pricing dynamics. Demand is expected to pick up in the coming weeks. Economic numbers are strong and most fears regarding... Read More

Egypt launches antidumping investigation against rebar imports from Turkey, Ukraine and China

According to media reports Egypt has initiated an antidumping duty investigation against reinforcing bar imports from Turkey, Ukraine and China. The Egyptian authorities have requested the importers to submit their import data for the last three years within 30 days.  Read More

Temporary tariffs imposed in Egypt

Egyptian Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade announced that; temporary tariffs have been imposed to protect domestic reinforcing steel bar manufacturers. The 7.3 percent tariffs will last for a maximum of 200 days, but could eventually be made permament, the ministry said. Egyptian steelmakers have expressed concern about imports from Turkey, the world’s leading steel reinforcing bar exporter.    Read More

Egypt terminated the safeguard investigation on rebar imports

Egyptian Chamber of Metallurgical Industries had lodged an application on behalf of some producers of steel reinforcing bars, alleging that the substantial increase in imports of steel reinforcing bars threatened to cause serious injury to the domestic industry, back in September 2012. The following companies were represented by the Chamber of Metallurgical Industries: Suez Iron Industries Co. Sarhan Steel Company Egyptian Company for Steel Suez... Read More

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