Ukraine revokes increase in scrap export duty

The Ukrainian parliament has revoked the bill increasing the export duty on scrap from €42/mt to €58/mt for a period of two years, according to local media sources. The parliament said that higher export duty on scrap would defend the interests of some market participants, while ignoring those of others.    Read More

Ukraine increases scrap export duty for two years

The Ukrainian parliament has approved a bill to increase the export duty on scrap from €42/mt to €58/mt for a period of two years. In May 2018, the export duty rose from €30/mt to €42/mt for only one year.  Read More

Argentina imposes 12 percent tariff on all exports, including steel

The Argentinian government has imposed a tariff on all exports, including steel products, according to a notice published this week at the country’s official gazette. The move aims to help Argentina meet its fiscal goals, following an increased devaluation of the Argentinian Peso (ARS) devaluation and a high public deficit. Argentina imposed a 12 percent tariff over “all products included in the Mercosur HTS codes.” Argentina said the tariff... Read More

Ukraine approves temporary rise in scrap export duty

Ukraine’s parliament has approved the bill to increase the export duty on scrap from €30/mt to €42/mt for a period of one year. The proposed bill had been aiming to impose the increase in export duty on scrap until September 2021. The draft law was submitted to the parliament in April.  Read More

UPDATED: India may implement export duty on electrodes and likely to review the antidumping duty

In the new budget for 2018-19, the Indian government has made it possible to collect a 20 percent export tax on graphite electrodes to improve domestic supplies and promote the electric arc furnace (EAF) route of steelmaking in the country, however the export duty on the product in question remains nil for the time being. The 20 percent export tax might become effective anytime after April 1, the date the new budget comes into force, when the government... Read More

China cancels export tax on finished steel products

Chinese authorities have announced that taxes on exports of steel products including deformed reinforcing bars and wire rods will be cancelled from January 1st onwards, taking into consideration the industrial developments and changing export market conditions. It is also announced that the tax on exports of steel billets will be reduced to 10 percent from the current level of 15 percent.  Read More

Ukraine raises export duty on scrap to €30/mt for one year

The Ukrainian parliament (Verkhovna Rada) has increased export duties on scrap from €10/mt to €30/mt for one year effective from July 12, and has also cancelled the export quotas for scrap, according to media sources. Earlier this year, Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko vetoed the previous draft law to increase Ukraine’s export duty on scrap for three years, stating that that the duty is not in compliance with the provisions of the association... Read More

Ukraine hikes scrap export tax for three years

The Ukrainian parliament has announced that it has approved a law to increase the export tax on scrap, including stainless scrap, from €10/mt to €35/mt for three years. Meanwhile, as of March 23, 250 exporters applied to Ukraine’s Ministry of Economic Development and Trade for scrap export licenses for a total of 3.8 million mt, while only 152 exporters were permitted to export a total of 303,625 mt of scrap for two months. Three exporters received... Read More

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