Australia to continue AD duties on rebar from four countries

The Australian Anti-Dumping Commission has announced that it has completed an inquiry, which commenced on March 28, 2022, into whether the continuation of the anti dumping measures on reinforcing bar imports from Greece, Spain, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand is justified. Accordingly, the commission decided that the anti dumping duties on reinforcing bar from the given countries except Thailand, which will expire on March 7 this year, will continue.

The anti dumping duties are at the following levels:

  • Greece       :42.1 percent
  • Indonesia : 0-9.3 percent
  • Spain         : 6.3 percent
  • Taiwan      : 4.4 percent

The products subject to the reviews fall under the HS codes 7213.10.00.42, 7214.20.00.47, 7227.90.10.69, 7227.90.90.01, 7227.90.90.02, 7227.90.90.04, 7227.90.90.42, 7228.30.10.70, 7228.30.90.40 and 7228.60.10.72.

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