IREPAS statement on US DOC’s Section 232 recommendations

IREPAS is convinced that, if the United States imposes the import remedy options which have been recommended by the US Department of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross following the conclusion of the Section 232 investigation into steel imports, American steel users will have to face much higher steel prices compared to the other parts of the world, which will certainly devastate many steel-using industries in the US.

IREPAS affirms its belief that free and fair trade is one of the few unambiguously good principles and that it is based on the idea of comparative advantage. Most commodities are freely and fairly traded around the world and this allows resources to flow to their point of best use. Countries and companies that have embraced this message have thrived and prospered, whereas those that have tried to close themselves off from this trend have not. Competition increases efficiency, and serves customers and the public in general. IREPAS always has and will always continue to support free and fair trade in steel.

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