Australia imposes preliminary antidumping duty on rebar imports from five countries

Australia’s Antidumping Commission has announced that it has imposed preliminary antidumping duty rates on reinforcing bar imports from Greece, Indonesia, Spain (imports by Nervacero S.A), Taiwan (imports by Power Steel Co. Ltd) and Thailand. The provisional antidumping duty rates are as follow:


  • Uncooperative and all other exporters         : 42.1%


  • PT Ispat Panca Putera                                      : -2.2%
  • PT Putra Baja Deli                                             : 0.4%
  • Uncooperative and all other exporters          : 7.2%


  • Nervacero                                                             : 7.5%


  • Power Steel                                                          : 4.4%


  • Millcon Steel                                                        :   9.6%
  • Uncooperative and all other exporters           : 12.2%

The commission stated that it will require and take antidumping duties in respect of the goods exported from Greece, Indonesia (except for the goods exported by PT Ispat Panca Putera and PT Putra Baja Deli), Spain (exported by Nervacero S.A), Taiwan (exported by Power Steel Co. Ltd) and Thailand entered for home consumption on or after November 15. The commission will present its recommendations to the parliamentary secretary on or before December 29.

The products subject to preliminary antidumping duty currently fall under Customs Tariff Statistics Position Number 7213.10.00, 7214.20.00, 7227.90.10, 7227.90.90, 7228.30.10, 7228.30.90 and 7228.60.10.

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