EU imposes definitive antidumping duty on rebar imports from Belarus

The European Commission (EC) has announced that it has decided to impose definitive antidumping (AD) duty on imports of certain concrete reinforcing bar and rod imports from Belarus. Accordingly, the commission has calculated a definitive antidumping duty rate of 10.6 percent for Byelorussian Steel Works (BMZ) and all other producers in the country.

In December last year, the commission imposed a provisional antidumping (AD) duty of 12.5 percent for Byelorussian Steel Works (BMZ) and all other Byelorussian producers.

The investigation was launched on March 31 last year upon the complaint from the European Steel Association (EUROFER), alleging that these imports from Belarus are being dumped and are thereby causing material injury to the EU industry.

The products in question currently fall within CN codes ex 7214 10 00, ex 7214 20 00, ex 7214 30 00, ex 7214 91 10, ex 7214 91 90, ex 7214 99 10, ex 7214 99 71, ex 7214 99 79 and ex 7214 99 95.

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