US DOC issues preliminary decision of CVD review on Turkish rebar

According to a statement issued by the Turkish Steel Exporters’ Association (CIB), the US Department of Commerce (DOC) as announced the preliminary results of its administrative review of the countervailing duty (CVD) order on rebar imports from Turkey, imposed on September 15, 2014.

Accordingly, in its preliminary decision the US DOC has calculated the countervailing duty rate for rebar imports from Turkey as 0.0 percent for Turkish steel producers Kaptan Demir Celik Endustrisi ve Ticaret A.S. and ICDAS.

The current countervailing duty rate for rebar imports from Turkey stands at 1.25 percent.

The CIB stated that, if these margins are approved in the definitive decision as well, Turkish mills will be reimbursed for the deposits they paid for their rebar exports to the US during 2014. The final results are expected to be published within four to six months.

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