Turkey to lower import duty on reinforcing bar from 30 percent to 10 percent

Turkish economy minister Nihat Zeybekci has stated that the import duty on reinforcing bar will be reduced to 10 percent from the current level of 30 percent, adding that the Turkish cabinet of ministers’ decision will be announced officially soon, according to a reports at Turkish press.  Read More

Mexico to extend 15 percent duty on wire rod imports for six more months

Mexico’s economy secretariat, SE, will extend an existing 15 percent duty on certain steel imports for six more months, according to Mexican media citing the country’s economy secretary, Ildefonso Guajardo. The announcement was made this week by SE officials during a eeting with Canacero, Mexico’s steel association. The 15 percent duty is valid for certain steel imports for the countries Mexico does not have trade agreements with. The products... Read More

Ukraine raises export duty on scrap to €30/mt for one year

The Ukrainian parliament (Verkhovna Rada) has increased export duties on scrap from €10/mt to €30/mt for one year effective from July 12, and has also cancelled the export quotas for scrap, according to media sources. Earlier this year, Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko vetoed the previous draft law to increase Ukraine’s export duty on scrap for three years, stating that that the duty is not in compliance with the provisions of the association... Read More

Mexico offically set steel import tariffs valid for six months

The Mexican economy secretariat, SE, has officially set the final ruling over the imports of steel wire rods in addition to slab, HRC and CRC imports. Mexico will now apply 15 percent tariff on such imports. In a resolution published at Mexico’s official gazette, Diario Official, the government said that the measures will include about 97 items. The duties are effective as of October 8, 2015 and are valid for a peirod of six months. The tariff... Read More

Iran hikes import duties on steel

Reuters reported that the Iranian government has raised customs duties on certain steel imports to 10-20 percent to protect domestic steelmakers against the surge in Chinese exports. Reuters quoted Keyvan Ja’fari Tehrani, head of international affairs at the Iranian Iron Ore Producers and Exporters Association (IRIOPEX), as saying, “A steel import tax has been imposed… to protect local steel mills against dumping by China, Russia... Read More

Turkey raised customs duties for wire rod and bar imports

Turkey has increased the duty rates on wire rod and steel bar imports. The import duty on boron added wire rods now stands at 40 percent as opposed to the previously valid 3 percent duty rate. The duty on imports of steel bars has been raised to 30 percent from the previous level of 15 percent.  Read More

UAE denies cancellation of duty exemption

The UAE Ministry of Economy has officially denied speculations that, the exemption allowing the cut end bend facilities in the country to import steel without paying the 5% import duty has been cancelled. The Ministry stated that the cut and bend facilities in the UAE will be under strict control amid reports of serious illegal practices, as there are claims of imported rebars being sold in to the domestic market without any cutting and bending... Read More

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