Russia officially imposes export duties for most steel and raw materials until end of 2024

Russia’s government has adopted a decision to implement export duties for certain categories of products, including steel and raw materials. The export tax will be applicable from October 1, 2023 until December 31, 2024. “The regulation is adopted in order to support the optimal ratio of the local consumption and exports. The imposed decision will help protecting the local market from the unconditional increase of the prices. The flexible export duties will be valid till the end of 2024,” the official statement of Russia’s government reads.

As far as metallurgical sector is concerned, the export tax will be applicable to the products like steel slab, billet, most of the long and flat products, pig iron, coal and coke, HBI and iron ore.

The size of duties for the mentioned products to be exported outside of Russia and Eurasian Economic Union are tied to the ruble exchange rate and are as follows:

Export duty rate according to USD/RUB exchange rate

  • 0 in case the exchage rate is less than 80
  • 4%  in case the exchage rate is 80-85
  • 4.5% in case the exchage rate is 85-90
  • 5.5 % in case the exchage rate is 90-95
  • 7% in case the exchage rate is 95 and above

For the cargoes declared for exports after October 1, 2023, the exchange rate monitoring period is from August 26 till September 25, and the latest publication results of estimated average exchange rates should be no later than September 27.

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