Australia started antidumping duty probe for rebar imports

Australia’s Antidumping Commission has announced that it has initiated an antidumping duty investigation regarding reinforcing bar imports from Greece, Indonesia, Spain (imports by Nervacero S.A), Taiwan (imports by Power Steel Co. Ltd) and Thailand.

The application lodged by Australian steelmaker OneSteel Manufacturing Pty Ltd claims that the goods have been exported to Australia at prices less than their normal value and that the dumping has caused material injury to the Australian industry through price depression, loss of sale volumes and market share, reduced revenue, loss of profit and reduced profitability.

The investigation will cover the period between April 1, 2016 and March 31, 2017, and the goods in question currently fall under Customs Tariff Statistics Position Number 7213.10.00, 7214.20.00, 7227.90.10, 7227.90.90, 7227.90.90, 7228.30.10, 7228.30.90 and 7228.60.10.

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