Chile sets definite antidumping duty of 9.8 percent on Mexican origin rebars

The Chilean government has set a definite anti-dumping duty over imports of Mexican origin reinforcing bars, according to a decision published late this week at the country’s official gazette, Diario Oficial. According to the local government, Mexican imports of rebar will pay an ad-valorem, definite tariff 9.8 percent for a period of one year, effective on September 17, 2016.

Chile’s current decision replaces a previous resolution applied to the same product, in which Mexican rebar was paying a provisional ad-valorem 11 percent tariff. The products subject to the 9.8 percent tariff currently fall under the following Chilean HTS codes 7213.1000, 7214.2000, 7227.9000 and 7228.3000.

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