US DOC released final determination on rebar imports from Mexico and Turkey

The US Department of Commerce (DOC) released its final determinations in the antidumping investigations of rebar from Mexico and Turkey and the countervailing duty investigation of rebar from Turkey on September 9th, Tuesday.

The DOC has calculated the following final dumping duty margins on imports from Mexico:

  • Deacero              : 20.58%  (preliminary determinaton was 20.59%)
  • Grupo Simec     : 66.70%  (preliminary determinaton was 10.66%)
  • Grupo Acerero  : 66.70%  (preliminary determinaton was 66.70%)
  • All Others           : 20.58% (preliminary determinaton was 20.59%)

The DOC made an affirmative preliminary determination of critical circumstances with respect to all Mexican producers and exporters of rebar.

On the other hand, the DOC has calculated the following final dumping and countervailing duty margins on rebar imports from Turkey:

Dumping Margins:

  • Habas   : 0.00% (preliminary determinaton was 0.00%)
  • ICDAS  : 0.00% (preliminary determinaton was 2.64%)

As the result of this negative final determination, the DOC will terminate the AD investigation of rebar from Turkey.

Countervailing duty margins:

  • Habas   :0.74% (preliminary determinaton was 0.78% (de minimis))
  • ICDAS  : 1.25% (preliminary determinaton was 0.10% (de minimis))
  • All other Turkish producers/exporters – 1.25%

The DOC made a negative determination of critical circumstances with regard to ICDAS but an affirmative determination with regard to all other Turkish producers and exporters.  As the result of its de minimis rate, Habas will be excluded from the CVD order.

The US International Trade Commission (ITC) will hold its public hearing next Monday (September 15) in the final phase of its investigation of rebar from Mexico and Turkey, and it is scheduled to make its final determination on October 14, 2014.

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