Pakistan imposes final antidumping duty on rebar imports from China

Pakistan’s National Tariff Commission has announced that it has imposed final antidumping duty on imports of deformed concrete reinforcing steel bars from China for a period of five years effective from October 23. The commission stated that the antidumping duty will not be levied on imports of the investigated product that are solely used as input in products destined solely for exports. Accordingly, the final antidumping duty for the deformed concrete reinforcing steel bars imports from China stand at 19.15 percent.

The investigation was launched in November 26, 2016, upon the application lodged by local producers Amreli Steels Limited, Agha Steel Industries Ltd. and Abbas Engineering Industries.

The products subject to final AD duty currently fall under the Customs Tariff Statistics Position Numbers 7214.2010, 7214.2090, 7214.3010, 7214.3090, 7214.9910, 7214.9990, 7215.1010, 7215.1090, 7215.5010, 7215.5090, 7215.9010, 7215.9090, 7228.2090, 7228.3090, 7228.1000, 7228.4000, 7228.5000 and 7228.6000.

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