Final antidumping decision for billet imports from China to Pakistan

Pakistan’s National Tariff Commission has announced the final results of its antidumping duty investigation on imports of continuous casting billets from China.

Accordingly, the commission has determined that the domestic industry suffered material injury due to the significant increase in the volume of dumped imports, significant price undercutting by the dumped imports, a decline in market share, a decline in sales, a decline in return on investment, as well as negative effects on inventories, profits and employment. Therefore, the commission has decided to impose a definitive antidumping duty of 24.04 percent on continuous casting billets from China for a period of five years effective from June 22. Meanwhile, the commission noted that this antidumping duty will not be levied on imports of the investigated product that are to be used as inputs in products destined solely for exports and are covered under any scheme exempting customs duty for exports.

The products subject to the antidumping duty investigation currently fall under Customs Tariff Statistics Position Numbers 7207.1110, 7207.1190, 7207.1210, 7207.1290, 7207.1910, 7207.1920, 7207.1990, 7207.2010, 7207.2020, 7207.2090, 7224.1000 and 7224.9000.

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